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Unilever UK takes an axe to wages, hours, pensions and union rights at Purfleet

Management at the Purfleet spreads factory has presented Unite with what amounts to an ultimatum to accept devastating reductions in employment, pay and benefits, an increased working week with reduced possibilities for meaningful time off, large redundancies and a reduction

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Unilever Omsk workers mobilize in fight for wage negotiations

In May 2012 women workers packing ice cream at Unilever’s Inmarko factory in Omsk (Siberia) struck for 3 days demanding union recognition and a return to direct employment. Their jobs had been outsourced to an agency but they continued performing

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Everything is “sustainable” but employment?

Unilever, who have a Sustainable Living Plan, a Sustainable Agriculture Code and a Sustainable Sourcing policy, among other things, have now launched a Sustainability Partnership logo for certain Knorr products starting in France and Germany. None of these contain a

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