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Unilever creates separate spreads division for Europe, North America – what will it bring workers?

The future of spreads at Unilever has provided endless speculation for the financial press and considerable concern for workers in this part of the company.  Unilever’s announcement in an investor conference on December 4 that it would be creating a

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Selloffs and cash cows

Over the past two years Unilever has been accelerating the selloff of food brands and manufacturing facilities. From 2000-2010 this was called the “Path to Growth” and “One Unilever”, a process which shrunk the company’s brands from 1,600 to less

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Unilever UK takes an axe to wages, hours, pensions and union rights at Purfleet

Management at the Purfleet spreads factory has presented Unite with what amounts to an ultimatum to accept devastating reductions in employment, pay and benefits, an increased working week with reduced possibilities for meaningful time off, large redundancies and a reduction

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