IUF welcomes affiliation of new independent union at Unilever Foods Pakistan

A recently formed independent union at the Unilever Foods plant in Pakistan has joined the IUF-affiliated Pakistan Food Workers’ Federation (PFWF) further strengthening the Federation’s position as the representative of the vast majority of Unilever workers across the country.

The Unilever Foods plant is located outside Lahore and produces instant noodles, chicken cubes, instant soup etc. After years of frustration with a management-created union of just 22 workers at Unilever Foods, workers formed a new union last year called the Shaheen Workers Union Unilever Foods. The union, with 120 members out of a total 178 workers, easily won the certification election and secured sole collective bargaining status.

At its membership meeting in December last year the union announced its decision to affiliate to the PFWF and this was formalized in January 2014.






PFWF General Secretary Said Zaman and Deputy General Scretary Khaista Rehman attended the membership meeting of the Shaheen Workers Union Unilever Foods


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